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I’m a writer based in Berlin


My articles and essays have appeared in the BBC, Medium, The Outline, Racked, Slate, Gossamer, DAME, The Establishment, The Awl, and more. I tend to explore the intersection of technology and humanity and have written about everything from dream therapy and robot fashion to future art and analog nostalgia.

I’m the cofounder of Nobody, a forthcoming biannual print magazine about people and the stories, places, and things they carry. Check us out here.

I also write the daily newsletter Inside Cannabis, where I keep readers up-to-date on the biggest developments in the culture, politics, and science of weed.

I also moonlight as a copywriter, content producer, trend writer, and researcher. See some of my projects here.

In my past lives, I was a a staff reporter for the San Francisco Business Times, a contributing writer to Green Matters, and created the blog Wander Home (RIP), where 6000+ followers read my ruminations on place.

I grew up in California, probably belong in the desert, and am currently living my best life in Germany.