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CDs: Going against the stream (Gossamer)

The relentless positivity of Yoko Ono (The Outline)

Why Androids Dress Conservatively (Racked)

Women Are Revolutionizing The Death Industry (DAME Magazine)

Technically Dead – a four-part series about technology's role in reshaping the future of death (Medium's member only platform)
     Part 1 – Unearthed: Technology Will Bury Us
     Part 2 – Becoming Stardust: The Future Cemetery
     Part 3 – In the Wake: Technology Is Changing the Way We Mourn
     Part 4 – After Life: The Quest for Immortality

Who Gets To Have A ‘Good Death’? (The Establishment)

Turning Wastewater Into Sustainable Urns (Green Matters)

Is The Future Of Art Augmented? (The Establishment)

Cannabis Has Forgotten Its LGBTQ Roots (Slate)

In Defense of Yoko Ono (Inspirer)

A Dreamy Journey Through an Undulating Rainbow (Per La Mente)

Shepherdess Holistic Hides: Closing the Gap Between City and Ranch (RANGE)

Water in a mug & the age of dissent (The Awl)

From the lab to the plate: Bay Area startups are creating the future of food (SF Business Times)

Your DNA is their business (SF Business Times)

Peril or perk? What it means to be the most anticipated restaurant in America (SF Business Times)

How Long Before Another Soma Mine Disaster? (Inter Press Service News Agency)

Istanbul's Citizen's Discover Green Solidarity (Inter Press Service News Agency)

S.F.'s high hopes for the first cannabis cafe (SF Business Times)

The robots are coming – to deliver your dinner (SF Business Times)

Is your wine preference in your DNA? (SF Business Times)

From Miss Iowa to cannabis advocate (SF Business Times)

This S.F. startup wants to disrupt your vacation (SF Business Times)

Would you drink this milk made out of yeast? (SF Business Times)

Bay Area restaurants have the worst ethnic, racial income gap in the country (SF Business Times)

A first taste of Impossible Foods' meatless burger (SF Business Times)

The best wine you've ever tasted, no grapes required (SF Business Times)

How big events cut down on water (SF Business Times)

Women are the new face of wealth in the U.S. (SF Business Times)

My shoes, my city (Worn Stories)

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